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Wyke Farms ordered a second Palletiser after just three weeks!

The renowned cheese producer Wyke Farms from Sommerset (UK), world famous for its cheddar cheese has ordered its first Palsys Palletiser P40 end of 2012. After a lesser experience with another vendor that supplied a Robotic palletiser was Wyke Farms careful and very critical with ordering a new Palletiser. Fortunately, together with Palsys English reseller A.M.J Maters, they convinced Wyke Farms on all fronts so the order eventually was placed.

At the first order was also an option given that by satisfaction of the Palletiser there would be another order within one year. By Palsys they were pleasantly surprised that the order already came 3 weeks after the first Palletiser was installed.

That a customer is satisfied is fantastic. And a better confirmation of this fact cannot be given by ordering a second palletiser right away. The second Palletiser is in production and will be is placed mid 2013. See picture below for the first Palletiser installation for Wyke Farms.

Link near AMJ Maters:

GRP40 - Palletiser I - Wyke Farms


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