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PALSYS delivers Gantry robot for palletizing bags in a display box.

PALSYS has for Dalli DeKlok The Netherlands constructed a compact gantry robot for the filling of display boxes of different sizes bags with detergent.

PALSYS was asked by one of its Partners (Nedpack) to design, build and deliver a Compact Gantry Palletiser for palletizing bags with detergent in retail dispay boxes.

Was initially chosen by the customer for a small Gantry Robot with two stack positions on the ground. Later on  by extension of the production sites there was room for a high degree of automation. In consultation with the various parties the overall design completely changed to meet all the needs and requirements of customers

Thus, for example, added buffer conveyors and outbound conveyors for the retail Dusseldorfer pallets with display boxes. Was the frame divisible to meet the new low entrance.  Because the ceiling spot was not sufficiently high, the Palletiser is also equipped with a telescopic mast.

So PALSYS delivered a Compact Gantry Palletiser Robot how can automatically palletise up to 4,5 tons of detergent per hour, in a retail display box or display box euro.

palletiser bag in box



Interested in how it works? Please see the movie from this 'palletiser bag in box' below.



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