About Palsys - Palsys - palletisers, case packers and transport systems

About Palsys BV

PALSYS, established in 1997, is a flexible and dynamic business, specialised in end of line packing systems.

PALSYS manufacture palletisers, casepackers and transport systems which distinguish themselves by their simplicity, solidity and practicality. With our modular underlying models as a main point, an efficient solution can be realised for each situation. 

PALSYS develop all essential mechanical and control elements in house so that we can guarantee the optimal functioning of each system; product design with Autodesk Inventor 2011. 

PALSYS produce in a modern manner, using specialised subcontractors. 

PALSYS have a motivated and dedicated team of all-round professional people with much experience, able to show that we are the best in our profession and that we as a result are able to provide competetive  prices. 

PALSYS offer, effectively to be able use your system, maintenance and service, operational support up to and including complete service contracts. 

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